You are currently viewing 35mm film lightroom preset free

35mm film lightroom preset free

35mm film lightroom preset is a film preset. If you are intrested in film making or film color tone, then this preset might be helpfull. I am gonna how can you download this preset free of cost. You don’t need to subscribe anything, login somewhere or provide anything. You will get it completely free of cost.

Dng or xmp preset?

You might thinking. What is dng or xmp presets and why do I want to tell you about this?

Dng and xmp is formate of lightroom presets. Dng preset come in form of image and xmp do not.

I want to tell you about this coz you are gonna get only dng 35mm film making lightroom preset.

35mm film lightroom preset’s preview

Here is the preview of 35mm film lightroom preset. You can move slider to see complete preview.

35mm film lightroom preset preview (before) 35mm film lightroom preset preview (after)

Download 35mm film lightroom preset.

Download process of this preset is as simple as abc. You can easily download this preset. Simply click on one button and this preset will be yours.

Below this section you will see a download button. Click on that.

Then you will see a pop up with countdown timer, wait for end of that timer.

After ending timer you will see again a download button named as Download file. click on that button and preset will start automatically.

Download button

How to Apply Preset on Your Picture?

If you want to apply preset on your picture. Firstly you have to download it. You can download it by clicking on download button below. After downloading preset send it to lightroom.

Open preset in lightroom. It will show like you are editing a picture. You will see all option which requires in editing. At the right top corner you will see three dot. Click on that now you will see an option Copy Settings. Click on that and copy all Settings.

When you copied all Settings of preset, Send your beautiful picture in lightroom and again open your pictures there in edit mode. This time again click on three dot at top right corner and click on Paste Settings this time instead of copy Settings.

You have copied all Settings of preset and now this time you pasted on your pictures. Boom preset applied successfully.


If I will conclude everything. You can easily download this preset for that click on download button then wait for end of countdown then again click on download button and this preset will be yours.

That’s for now, Byee

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