You are currently viewing Clipdrop relight tool review [ How to Relight Image with AI? ]

Clipdrop relight tool review [ How to Relight Image with AI? ]

Let’s face it when you’re shooting outside the lighting conditions are in nature’s control. occasionally the lighting conditions are great for clicking filmland, and more frequently they’re simply terrible.

This goes the same with inner firing, getting the lighting right requires a good outfit position & different types of lights, just to get that perfect shot.

Yes, there are high- end image editing tools that can help you with correcting the lighting and all other aspects of the image. But, executing the simplest of tasks on these slice- edge software tools is complicated and has a steep literacy wind simply to get started with. Still, moment in the age of AI tools, there’s a way to relight images online incontinently. The tool we’re talking about is called ClipDrop Relight.

What is ClipDrop?

ClipDrop is an image editing tool that is web- predicated and is indeed available on iPhones, and Android phones. It offers stoners different options to edit images, analogous as Remove background, Image Upscaling, Image Clean Up, & Image Relighting. ClipDrop is a simple tool & also has plugins for Photoshop & Figma if you want to integrate their capabilities.

What is Clipdrop relight?

Relight is the latest tool offering from ClipDrop that can enable users to add lights to pictures with different angles, and luminance. It helps the user to enhance the image’s visual element.

Example of clipdrop relight tool?

Here is the perfect example. Move slider to see complete before and after.

Clipart relight tool raw imageClipdrop relight tool after effect
Clipdrop relight tool preview

How to Relight Image with AI?

1) Go to the website

2) Upload picture that you want to relight.

3) Adjust colors’s angal, intensity, radius, etc.

4) Download edited picture.

Watch this video for more information.


Clipdrop relight tool is really awesome tool. Ai really do their great job, you can try this tool free of cost. If you like more then you can try their best plan too.

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