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Why should you not use lightroom presets

Don’t use lightroom preset.

Hey buddy what’s up. Everything fine… Today I’m gonna tell exact reason, why shouldn’t you use lightroom preset?

We all know that lightroom preset is one of the best tool offered by lightroom. Which helps us in editing. In a bit time it completes editing and give professional result. But everything which contains so many advantages they contains disadvantages too. So in this article we gonna see what are the exact disadvantages that force us to not use lightroom presets.

5 Reasons to not use lightroom presets.

Ok so here’s the exact 5 reasons to not use lightroom presets.

1) Lightroom preset don’t fix bad pictures.

If your picture is out of focus, blurred, over or under expose then lightroom preset won’t fix it. But you can fix it through your editing skill. Like if your picture is under or over expose then you can use light tool offered by lightroom and fix. Or like if your picture is out of focus then you can use pngs, effects or some other editing stuff and can fix.

2) you are missing an opportunity to learn lightroom.

If you can understand this. This is the one of the biggest reason to not using lightroom preset.

Adobe lightroom is one of the best application that offers lots of tools which really help us. Almost all profession photographers and editors use lightroom for editing. Since it is the one of best software for editing, everyone wants to learn it. If you learn complete lightroom then your editing skill will not only enhance rather than your skill will be at top.

If you are always using lightroom preset then definitely you are missing a great opportunity to learn lightroom.

Some steps for learning

a) Start learning lightroom

When you will start learning lightroom then actually you will do something for your skill. If you already started then congratulation you completed 1st step.

b) Make mistakes

When you will start learning lightroom then you might be fail and you will make some mistake. Here’s comes 2nd step and you completed 2nd step too.

c) Learn from your mistake

After making mistakes maximum people quit. But you have to avoid that and try to learn from your mistake. Learning from mistake is a best skill you can use it in real life too.

d) Improve your skill

After learning from your mistakes, you will notice your skill is getting improve day by day. You have to keep patience and you will have your lightroom skill.

e) Practice and practice

You have to do practice because practice makes us perfect. So just keep practicing and you will have a great skill of lightroom.

f) Make awesome editing

Now you have completed all the steps. it’s the last one. Simply use your skill and do some awesome editing.

3) Lightroom preset can make you lazy.

No doubt lightroom preset saves time but you always use lightroom preset. It can make you lazy. 1stly learn difference between saving time and making lazy. It’s great it saves time but lazy… Do you wanna become lazy?

4) Whose image is it anyway?

It’s ok you use lightroom preset. Your picture, other’s preset and give a bit second. Your picture get edited, don’t it? But that preset you used. Their style. That will be always preset creator’s. What did you do in this?

Can you honestly say? It’s my style, I edited this one. You will agree or not but using lightroom preset is a cheating. Cheating with yourself. But still you can learn so many things from it.

5) Spending too much money

Yes it’s right. Many people buy lightroom presets worth 30-50$. I know many of you don’t because you know, You can download Hight quality premium lightroom preset free of cost.

But there’s some people who don’t know and spend too much money.

I wanna say if you still want to use lightroom preset then don’t spend too much money. And use same presets free of cost.


here’s my point of view on this.

• Focus on skill

I will say firstly focus on skill. Then you will have that much knowledge that you can create your own lightroom preset too.

Final word I wanna say about lightroom presets.

“Lightroom presets are awesome but use them with caution.

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