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Download my all time favorite lightroom presets

In this blog we are gonna see how you can download my all time favorite lightroom presets free, But first of all we will see what is lightroom presets?

Lightroom preset is a set of some prefix settings. It contains raw information of any picture that is used for another picture.

When millions of pixels collected together then they form a image. If I want to edit any image, I have to change some basic property (color) of their pixels. And when i will change some basic property, that time lightroom preset will collect that data and they will use it in another pictures.

You can understand it as a filter. Yeah it’s a filter.


Lightroom preset comes in two different files.

  • DNG file
  • XMP file

1) DNG file

DNG file is a type of lightroom presets which requires copy and paste action. Means you have to copy all settings of preset and paste it on your image.

DNG file is a formate of image which contains raw information. The basic difference between dng file and xmp file is, dng file is I’m image formate and xmp file is not.

In dng file you have to copy settings from an image and paste that on another image.

How to use DNG file?

In lightroom app there’s an option of copy setting. When you will click there, all the setting of that preset will be copied. Then you can easily paste it on your picture by clicking on the option paste setting in lightroom app.

Here’s the process of using dng file of lightroom preset.

  • Download dng file of lightroom preset
  • Shere it to lightroom app
  • Open that DNG file (image) in lightroom app
  • At the right corner you will see three dot, click there
  • Then you’ll see copy setting option there, click there
  • Then click right button [ all settings now copied ]
  • Open your pic in lightroom app [ on which you wanna apply preset ]
  • Again at right corner you will see three dot click there
  • Now you will see paste setting option there
  • Click on paste setting
  • Boom preset applied successfully.

2) XMP file

XMP file don’t need copy paste action. You can access this preset in lightroom preset section in lightroom app. That’s the advantage of this preset over dng file. It takes less time for applying than dng file.

How to use XMP file?

XMP file of lightroom preset can be easily used. Even it takes less time than dng file.

In lightroom app you will see an icon of lightroom preset click there then you will see all xmp presets. Now click on anyone of those presets and boom preset is applied successfully.

Here’s the process of using xmp file of lightroom preset.

  • Open lightroom app
  • Click on lightroom preset section
  • You will see lightroom preset folders
  • Click on any folder
  • You will lr preset
  • Click on that
  • Boom preset applied successfully
  • Now click on right button and export

But for doing this firstly you have to install xmp file.

How to install XMP file?

Here’s the process of installing preset.

  • Open lightroom app
  • Click on lightroom preset section
  • Then click on three dot
  • Then click on import preset
  • Select xmp file
  • Click on select button
  • Boom preset imported successfully


There is a plenty of websites which provides lightroom presets. But they don’t do it always free. They take some money for lightroom presets. Sometimes they takes more than 50$ (around ₹4000) and that is too costly if you are a student or depend upon others and if you aren’t then still that is costly.

So if you wanna save some money. If you don’t wanna purchase all these costly presets and still you need these presets then read whole blog.

At the last of this blog I’m gonna share some my favorite lightroom preset. Don’t miss that.

Now, I’ll tell you, how you can download professional lightroom presets without paying money.

  • Click on this link
  • You will be redirected to main website of lightroom preset.
  • There you will see plenty of lightroom preset, all are free.
  • Click on any preset you want to download.
  • Then you will see that preset’s blog.
  • Scroll that blog.
  • In the mid, you will see an option of download preset.
  • Click there.
  • Then you will be redirected to Google Drive.
  • Now you can easily download.


Come to the my all time favorite lightroom presets. You can easily download these presets and these can be your favorite lightroom presets too. Actually there’s is a little story behind these presets. Whenever I wanted to use lightroom presets. I had to struggle in finding perfect presets. I had to waste so many time in which preset will be perfect for my picture. So i decided to find some lightroom presets that can perfect for any type of pictures.

After wasting so many hour I selected some preset that can be apply on any pictures without creating any problem. Mean that can be use on any pictures perfectly.

Here’s the result. All these preset is in xmp file and you can easily insall and use. Process of use and install is written in above.

If you missed that part you can swipe down.


  • Below this list you will see a 30 seconds timer countdown
  • Wait for 30 sec
  • Then, You will see Download Preset button
  • Click on that
  • You will be redirected to google drive
  • Now you can easily download

Note : If you want to help me you can click on atleast 1 ad ( Mera v kuchh bhala ho jayega). If you can please do.

Advantage of this website [ why should you choose this one ]

  • Totally free [ you don’t have to pay anything ]
  • Premium lightroom preset
  • Provides both dng and xmp files [ Others provide only dng file ]
  • Easy to download
  • Easily to use
  • You can use those lightroom preset in both ios and android application.

By the way, Here’s the some my favorite lightroom presets. You can check these presets too.

You will see download link after clicking any preset. Click on any preset then in the mid of blog you will see an option of download preset. You can download preset by clicking there.

Dark tone lightroom preset free download
Green tone lightroom preset free download
Brown tone lightroom preset free download
Moody blue lightroom preset free download
Moody teal lightroom preset free download
Teal orange lightroom preset free download
Portrait lightroom preset free download
Moody cyan lightroom preset free download
Moody blue lightroom preset free download
Orange and aqua lightroom preset free download

Here’s also collection of lightroom presets.

Top 10 lightroom premium preset free download
5 special lightroom presets free download


In conclusion, You can easily download free lightroom presets by clicking here. These are awesome presets you should definitely check.

You can also check our HD BACKGROUDS and EDITING COCEPTS. May be you will like that.

You can visit one of my known site for more presets.

Byee 🙂

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