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moody dark green lightroom preset free download

Green color stands for balance, nature, rebirth and spring. It’s the symbol of prosperity, progress and freshness. People love green color. People also love Moody dark green lightroom preset. Today we are gonna see how can you download moody dark green lightroom preset free of cost.

It is easy to download lightroom presets from internet. But choosing right website for right preset is tough. So i am here to help you. I am gonna tell you how you can download best moody dark green lightroom preset free of cost. You don’t need any credit card and do not have to sign up or log in somewhere. You will presets completaly free.

Before gonna tell more about download process. I want you to know which type of picture it requires for better result.

Which type of picture it requires for better result?

To be very honest you can’t use this preset on every type of picture. Obisaly you can do but result will be bad. So it is important for you to know which type of pictures will be better for this preset.

1) Raw picture : If you raw images then it might be good. But if you don’t have raw images, don’t worry it will work on your jpg, jpeg Or png images too.

2) Greeny background : obiuslay if you are looking for moody dark lightroom preset then you already have greeny background in your pictures.

3) Shadow part : If your pictures have shadows (not hard shadow) then it will be more beautiful when you will use lightroom preset. By the way you can use shadow tool for managing how much shadow you want.

4) Quality image : what doesn’t it mean by quality image, does it mean you have a professional camera and mastery in photography?

No, you can click quality image thought your basic mobile phone’s camera too. When you click photos, focus on lighting, background, subject and creativity. That clicked photo will be quality image.

5) Customisation : customisation is a good way to use lightroom presets. You must change some settings after applying preset to see which is perfect for your picture. I will tell you how you can download preset and how will you use. But remember if you want better you have to pay, pay in term of money, time, or it could be anything.

Preview of moody dark green lightroom preset

Look at this image (before one), I was saying about this. This type of images you can choose for better result. Move slider for see clearly before and after.

Moody dark green lightroom preset preview beforeMoody dark green lightroom preset  preview (after)

Here is the process how can you download moody dark green lightroom preset?

Download moody dark lightroom preset

Download process of this preset is simple. Click on download button then there will pop a pop up with countdown timer. Wait for end of that timer. Then again you will see download button named Download file. Click on that preser will start downloading automatically.

Download button

How to Apply Preset on Your Picture?

If you want to apply preset on your picture. Firstly you have to download it. You can download it by clicking on download button below. After downloading preset send it to lightroom.

Open preset in lightroom. It will show like you are editing a picture. You will see all option which requires in editing. At the right top corner you will see three dot. Click on that now you will see an option Copy Settings. Click on that and copy all Settings.

When you copied all Settings of preset, Send your beautiful picture in lightroom and again open your pictures there in edit mode. This time again click on three dot at top right corner and click on Paste Settings this time instead of copy Settings.

You have copied all Settings of preset and now this time you pasted on your pictures. Boom preset applied successfully.

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