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Moody lightroom preset

Moody lightroom preset is an awesome lightroom preset. This preset is created by professionals whose job is to do experiments with lights and colors and do magics through their presets.

Lightroom moody presets free download dng

Moody lightroom presets are special type of lightroom presets. Actually these presets are fevorite presets of many photographers. They love this type color tone in these pictures.

However Anyone can download these lightroom presets free of cost. If you are one of them who love this color tone and want to download moody lightroom preset then scroll this page at last of page you will see download button click on that. After that this will be yours.

There are many website over this internet that provide lightroom presets. One of them is lightroom preset site.

Dng Moody lightroom preset free

This preset is a dng lightroom preset that is suitable for both mobile as well as desktop version of lightroom. Dng lightroom presets are such type of preset which requires copy and paste action. Means you have to copy all settings of preset and paste that settings to your picture.

Here is the process of using dng lightroom preset.

How to use dng preset?

Here’s the process of using dng file of lightroom preset.

  • Download dng file of lightroom preset
  • Share it in lightroom app
  • Open DNG preset (image) in lightroom app
  • At the right corner you will see three dot
  • Click there
  • Then there you’ll see copy setting option
  • Click there
  • Then click right button [ all settings now copied ]
  • Open your pic in lightroom app [ on which you wanna apply preset ]
  • Again at right corner you will see three dot click there
  • Now there you will see paste setting option
  • Click on paste setting
  • Boom preset applied successfully.

Download Moody lightroom preset

Click on download button below this preview to download this preset.

Moody lightroom preset preview beforeMoody lightroom preset preview after

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