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Moody preset lightroom

Moody preset is a preset which is applicable on every type of skin. No matter what color of your skin is moody preset will work. You will know how you can download moody preset lightroom preset will do editing for yourself.

We are gonna see how you can apply this moody preset on your picture and get amazing result. But before telling anything about moody preset. I wanna tell what is presets exactly and why should you use it?

What is presets and why should you use it?

Presets is a collection of settings and tools. There are many tools and settings available in lightroom which help us to edit our picture and shock us with amazing results. When some professional lightroom editor edit their picture, they have to do almost same settings to get same result. So they saves that same setting in a formate of preset to save time. And whenever they want to edit their another picture in same tone they apply their saved preset and get exactly same result.

So if you want to get professional result without know anything of lightroom then you can use lightroom presets. You will not get amazing result but your time will also save. So yes you should use lightroom preset if you want to save your time.

Moody preset lightroom

I wrote moody preset lightroom because of SEO otherwise I can simply write moody lightroom preset. Leave it. Moody preset is a lovely preset you will like it. There are only few websites which provides best lightroom presets at free. Out website is one of them.

You will not only get moody preset lightroom but you will get best moody preset. You can download this preset easily. Simply you have to click on download button and this preset will be yours.

Dng Moody preset lightroom

Dng is a formate of preset which contains some raw information. Dng is an image formate it not only contains raw information but you can copy that information for next pictures. Mean you can use an image as a preset and that is a dng presets.

You will get this moody preset lightroom in dng formate. You can download this preset through clicking on download button and it’s free.

Moody preset lightroom before and after

Moody lightroom preset is one of the popular preset. People like it. its color tone is trending on social media’s like Instagram, Facebook, twitter.

You can see it’s before and after.

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How to Apply Preset on Your Picture?

If you want to apply preset on your picture. Firstly you have to download it. You can download it by clicking on download button below. After downloading preset send it to lightroom.

Open preset in lightroom. It will show like you are editing a picture. You will see all option which requires in editing. At the right top corner you will see three dot. Click on that now you will see an option Copy Settings. Click on that and copy all Settings.

When you copied all Settings of preset, Send your beautiful picture in lightroom and again open your pictures there in edit mode. This time again click on three dot at top right corner and click on Paste Settings this time instead of copy Settings.

You have copied all Settings of preset and now this time you pasted on your pictures. Boom preset applied successfully.

Download Moody preset lightroom

Below this you will see a download button. If you are not seeing go back page and come back to this page again. Don’t refresh page you will not get that download button.

If you can see that download button then click on that. You will see a pop up with countdown timer. Wait for end of that countdown, there will be again a download file button. Click on that. Preset will start downloading automatically.

Download button

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