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photo editing preset before and after

Photo editing presets

Hey buddy what is going? Hope you and your love one are well. I am back with another lightroom preset that is Photo editing preset.

Today I will tell you how you can download this beautiful preset and how to use this preset on your amazing pictures. But before telling these I wanna say if you like our effort please share it with your friends.

Back to our topic. Photo editing presets are dng lightroom presets. You will get only dng lightroom preset here. But don’t worry I will how you can download dng and xmp presets free. Also I will tell how you can create this presets xmp version. Yes you can make presets by yourself too.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just an average computer user, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get this rapid workflow template PDF. This loose collection of tools will fast-track your photo editing workflow.

Lightroom presets can really make a difference in your day to day workflow because they give you these amazing is rules that are like 100% preset and process ready, with little input needed on your end— saving you the time of figuring out how the settings work

Why should you download photo editing presets?

If you are wondering why should you download this preset then I want say just one thing. Look at it’s before and after.

I am not kidding. Watch before and after then decide. You should download this preset or not.


Here’s is the preview of photo editing presets. You can move slider to see clearly before and after.

Raw photo 5photo editing preset 5

You liked it, didn’t you?

Now we can move to our download process

How to download this preset?

I know you like this preset and you want to know how you can download this preset?

Well it’s damn easy. You have to click on one button and this preset will be your. But before telling where is that special button I want to tell more about this preset.

This preset is free or paid?

This is completaly free lightroom preset. You can apply this on your picture and make those pictures amazing. You have complete right to use it but only on your personal pictures. You don’t have right to sell it. You can’t use it for commercial purpose.

How to use this preset for commercial?

If you want to use this particular picture for commercial purpose then please contact us. Our team will definitely help you. We will contact you as you as possible.

Photo editing presets

Finally i am gonna reveal where is that download button?

You will see a download png below this. When you will click on that you will see a pop up with count down time. After completing count down you will see that special download button.

Download button

How to use photo editing presets?

If you want to use this lightroom preset. Firstly download preset by clicking download button then read and apply this.

You will get a dng lightroom preset after downloading preset. Dng preset mean a type of image. You will get an image. Share that downloaded image in lightroom app (like you usually share your picture). Also share your picture which you want to edit in lightroom app.

Open Lightroom and click on preset (mean open preset in editing mode). You will see three dot at the top right corner. Click on that.

Now you will see copy settings option. Click on that and copy all settings of presets.

Now open your picture and again you will see three dot at top right corner. Click on that.

You will see paste settings option. Click on that and paste all settings that you copied from preset.

That’s it. You done.

How you can download xmp and dng both presets free of cost?

If you want to download both presets dng as well as xmp. I suggest you to visit KRC PICTURES. This website provides both xmp and dng presets free of cost. There you will get many free stuff for editing.

Also you will know how to make xmp presets.

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