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Soft green preset

Soft green preset is a preset which will turn your normal picture into an awesome picture. It’s a portrait lightroom preset. You can easily download this preset. You have to do just few steps and this preset will be yours.

Soft green dng preset free download

When you will click on download button, And wait for 4-5 seconds. Then this preset will start downloading and after some while it will done.

You will check downloaded file that is a raw file. Raw file contains some information which can be accessable by some tools. Now you have that raw file which contains raw information.

That information (or we can say settings) will be applied to your normal picture. And they will turn your normal picture into awesome picture. This called dng lightroom preset. You will have soft green dng preset which is free to download.

Moody Green dng lightroom preset free download

I hope now You have a little bit idea of dng preset. I want to add some more. Dng preset is easy to use. When you will import dng preset in adobe lightroom app. You will see option of copy settings click on that. Then go to your picture and you will see paste settings option click on that. Dng preset is applied successfully.

This preset can be turned into moody tone I mean soft green preset can be turned into moody green lightroom preset. You have to do just some basic change and you will have moody green preset. By the way this is free to download. You can download this preset free of cost.

Download more lightroom presets free

If you want to download more lightroom presets free of cost then I suggest you two website which gives best lightroom presets.


KRC pictures is a website which provides best lightroom presets. There you will see so many quality lightroom presets. Also the main advantage of this website is you will get both dng and xmp lightroom presets.


Obviously this website Lightroom preset site. This is also free website where you get quality lightroom presets free of cost.

Soft green preset dng preview

Here’s the preview of dng file of this lightroom preset.

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Download soft green lightroom preset

I told everything about Lightroom preset but i didn’t tell anything about how to download this preset? where is the download button? So I’m gonna tell how you can download this preset?

  1. Below this you will see download button
  2. Click on download button
  3. There will be pop up with countdown shown
  4. Wait for end of countdown
  5. Again you will see another download button named Download file.
  6. Click on that
  7. Wait 3-4 second
  8. Preset will start downloading automatically
Download button

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