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Top 5 fonts for signature logo

In this blog I am gonna sharing a secret 🤐😶. How you can create an Signature Logo also I will give my 5 fevorite fonts that will help you to create a best logo. This is too simple you can do it easily. You have to follow onle few steps. Then you will have your own Editing logo 🤩.


Here is the list of All 5 fonts.

  1. Angelinas
  2. TheScientist
  3. Sherlyn
  4. Seathera
  5. RainyDays

All these fonts is from fontspace. You can download many more fonts from there. [ All of these fonts owned and all copyright reserved by their own creator. I used these fonts only for promotional purposes. If you (creator of font) have any issue Please mail me I’ll immediately remove. ]


1) Open picsart App

2) Import a blank background with 1280×720 pixel (Choose min pixel).

3) Go to Text section and write your main title.

4) Change the font style of main tile by clicking on pink circle with arrow head.

When you will click on that icon you will see so many font style but you have to choose none of them. Instead of choosing them, you have to import a font style.

For importing font, you have to go to my font then you will see an option of Add fonts click there now you will see your file manager. Now Download this file by clicking on download button below.

After that open picsart app again and choose all of fonts you downloaded now. Then you will see all font styles in my font section. Click anyone of those and you will see font of main title changed.

5) Now write your subtitle.

6) Change the font style of subtile.

After clicking on pink or blue circle you will see discover section, scroll down that you will a font named of cutive mono click on that and now your font style is changed.

7) Click on done.

8) Save your logo in your device.


If you have any problem regarding these steps or fonts, you can watch this tutorial.

That’s for now Guys, I hope you would have like this post.

If you have any query or facing any problem then contact me. I’m more active on Instagram so you can messege me there I’ll not only help but give my best 😊.

Thank you so much Guys for spending time here.

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