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Winter lightroom preset

Winter is coming soon. For winter season it is important to capture picture with hot clothes. No matter what the season is Don’t forget health. By the way if you click pictures in winter then you might need edit captured picture. And for that winter lightroom preset can be best tool.

Winter lightroom preset is a lightroom preset that contains some lightroom setting that are created by professionals.

Wondering about lightroom preset?

What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom preset is nothing but collection of some Lightroom tools and Lightroom settings. It saves our precious time by avoiding repeated work again and again. It act like a filter you see in a mobile phone or cameras while capturing photos. Yes it is kind of filter.

Type of lightroom preset

It can be 2 type on the basis of file formate.

  1. DNG lightroom preset
  2. XMP Lightroom preset

Winter Lightroom preset

Winter lightroom preset is completaly easy to use preset. There is no error in this. It comes in dng formate of lightroom preset. That us why use can this preset on mobile phone as well as desktop.

Free Or Paid presets?

This preset is free to download and use but only for personal. You can’t use this preset commercially and can’t sell.

Want to use this for commercial.

If you are interested in our presets then please contact us. Out team will be instantly reply. However you can use our presets but give credit. You can put url of particular preset in your content.


Okay this is the before and after of this Lightroom preset. May be you didn’t like that much but when you will try on your picture you will be surprised with result. You will be amazed. Move slider to see complete preview.

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Download winter Lightroom mobile preset

Follow these steps to download preset.

  1. Below this you will see download button
  2. Click on download button
  3. You will see a pop up with countdown timer
  4. Wait for end of that timer
  5. There will be visible another download button instead of timer after ending.
  6. Click on that and
  7. Wait 3-4 second
  8. Preset will start downloading automatically
Download button

How to Apply Preset on Your Picture?

If you want to apply preset on your picture. Firstly you have to download it. You can download it by clicking on download button below. After downloading preset send it to lightroom.

Open preset in lightroom. It will show like you are editing a picture. You will see all option which requires in editing. At the right top corner you will see three dot. Click on that now you will see an option Copy Settings. Click on that and copy all Settings.

When you copied all Settings of preset, Send your beautiful picture in lightroom and again open your pictures there in edit mode. This time again click on three dot at top right corner and click on Paste Settings this time instead of copy Settings.

You have copied all Settings of preset and now this time you pasted on your pictures. Boom preset applied successfully.

Conclusion :

  1. Download preset
  2. Share preset in Lightroom
  3. Open preset in lightroom
  4. Click on 3 dot at top right corner
  5. Click on Copy settings
  6. Click on done [you copied all settings]
  7. Open your picture in lightroom
  8. Click on same 3 dot
  9. Now you will see paste settings option
  10. Click on that option
  11. Click on done
  12. Boom preset applied successfully ??


You can download winter lightroom preset and use preset for personal. For download of preset, click on download button, then there will be pop a pop up with a countdown timer, wait for end of that timer. Again you will a download button, click on that, preset with start downloading automatically.

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