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Golden hour lightroom preset free download

Golden hour lightroom preset is an amazing lightroom preset. If you want to download this preset read full article. You will not only get this preset but i will tell you how you can use this preset for better result. Are you ready for “Golden hour lightroom preset free download”.

Before telling about this golden hour preset. I want to tell what is the criteria to use lightroom preset.

Requirements for lightroom presets

1) latest version of lightroom : Firstly you must have lastest version lightroom or updated lightroom. If you have old version of lightroom then go on app store and update it.

2) lightroom presets : yes you must have lightroom presets that you want to apply on your picture.

That’s it. Now came back to our preset.

Golden hour lightroom preset

Golden hour lightroom preset is such type of preset which will not only give better look but it will turn your picture into golden form. That is why it’s called golden hour preset.

Which type of pictures it requires for better result?

If your pictures are captured in outdoor then it can be best for this preset. I recommend apply this preset on those pictures which has some green backgrond like in your backgrond has trees, plants or something like that.

It will on another pictures too but if you want to see best result then choose that type of pictures.

Preset preview

Here is the preview of golden hour lightroom preset. Move slider left of right to see complete before and after.

Golden hour lightroom preset preview (before) Golden hour lightroom preset preview (after)

Download golden hour lightroom preset

Download process of this preset is so easy, you can easily download this preset.

Below this section you will see download button click on that.

Then there will open a pop up with a countdown timer, wait for end of that timer.

Afer ending of timer, you will again see a download button. Named “Download file”

Click on that button again. This time new page will be open and preset will downloading automatically.

Download button

Apply presets to your picture

After downloading of this picture. You will definately want to see it’s awesome result. You will choose your picture, upon which you want to apply preset.

1) Choose picture that you want to edit

It’s dam easy and i think you already have chose that picture.

Send preset and chosen picture in lightroom : it’s easy process. You already knew, but you don’t know then select picture and click on share button and choose lightroom. And do this again for preset.

2) Open preset in lightroom

You have already send preset in lightroom. Simply open preset in lightroom.

3) Copy settings

At the top of right corner you will see three dot. Click there. You can see copy settings there. Click on that and copy all settings of preset.

4) Paste settings

You have copied all settings of preset. This time you have to paste it on your picture.

For this open your picture in lightroom and again go to three dot. There you will see paste settings option. Click on that and preset will applied successfully.

Other website which provides quality presets free of cost

If you are looking for another website for quality lightroom presets then you must check this website. You will get quality lightroom presets in both dng and xmp formate.


You can easily download golden hour lightroom preset. It’s simple task click on download button then wait for countdown to end. Then again click on download file button and preset will strat downloading automatically.

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