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Pet preset

If you are looking for such type of lightroom preset which can turn your normal picture into awesome picture then you are on the right place. I will give you pet lightroom preset which will give you your desire result and you will be satisfied. Taht is “pet preset”.

Before going to lightroom preset firstly I wanna tell about lightroom preset. If you already have knowledge of lightroom presets then you can skip this part.

What is lightroom presets?

I wanna start with what is lightroom preset? So lightroom preset is nothing but collection of some Lightroom tools and Lightroom settings. Lightroom preset contains some raw information that they paste on other pictures.

You can consider it as a filter. Actually it’s filter.

Type of lightroom preset

Basically there’s two type of lightroom preset.

  1. DNG lightroom preset
  2. XMP Lightroom preset

Pet Lightroom preset

Now we can move to the topic how you can download this Lightroom preset? Well it’s easy process. It can be easily download. You have to click on one button then you will have this Lightroom preset.

Free Or Paid presets?

You might thinking, is this lightroom preset has any cost?

Mean you have to pay some money or I’ll give it free? Well, I wanna clear since it is mention in the site discription you will get all presets including paid presets free of cost.

Note : “Paid presets” mean that presets I used to sell.

You have to pay nothing. You have to simply click on one button and you will have this Lightroom preset.

Lightroom presets free download

There’s so many Lightroom preset creator who creates Lightroom preset and sell all those preset at higher rate. But as I mentioned I’ll not take any money from you. They are not bad at all. They need money so they are selling. Also you know people give more importance that cost something. There’s so many free videos on YouTube but people still purchase courses because they give more value to them. However sometimes they are not able to find some good content so they purchase.

But believe me all these preset you will get on this website all these are completely free. You can download these Lightroom presets anytime you have to pay nothing. And these are reliable you have to simple click on button and you will have this preset.


Okay this is the before and after of this Lightroom preset. May be you didn’t like that much but when you will try on your picture you will be surprised with result. You will be amazed. You will get more than your desire result.

Pet presetPet preset download

Use pet preset

It’s also easy to use this Lightroom preset. I will give you DNG lightroom preset and that will change your picture style and give you awesome result. If you want to use this Lightroom preset you must have these.

  1. Lightroom App
  2. 20 second time

1. Lightroom App : I’m sure if you are looking for Lightroom preset then you already have Lightroom application. But still I wanna tell if you don’t have latest version of lightroom then go on app store and update then look for Lightroom preset. BTW I know you are smart and you already have latest version of lightroom app, Now.

2. 20 second time : May be you were laughing on me why I wrote only 20 second. Because I’ll take only 20 second to use lightroom preset even more less if you have fast processor.

Okay if you have all these 2 stuff then we can move to process.

Process of using Lightroom preset

First of all i wanna tell if you wanna use this Lightroom preset. Download this preset through clicking below download button. Then simply share it in lightroom app>> Open this picture in Lightroom app>> you will see three dot at top right corner >> click on that >> Click on copy setting >> Now go to your picture >> Click on same three dot at top right corner >> Click on paste setting and boom this preset applied successfully.

If you did not get what I said see this list order wise.

  1. Download preset
  2. Send preset in Lightroom app
  3. Open preset in lightroom app
  4. Click on 3 dot at top right corner
  5. Click on Copy settings
  6. Click on done [you copied all settings]
  7. Open your picture in lightroom
  8. Click on same 3 dot
  9. Now you will see paste settings option
  10. Click on that
  11. Click on done.

After this, preset will be applied successfully.

Download pet preset

I told everything about Lightroom preset but i didn’t tell anything about how to download this preset? where is the download button? So I’m gonna tell how you can download this preset? At the last of this page you will see a download button click on that and this preset will download.

Process of download of Lightroom preset

If you are looking or wanna know process. That’s damm simple.

  1. Below this you will see download button
  2. Click on download button
  3. Wait 3-4 second
  4. Preset will start downloading automatically
Download button