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Skin tone lightroom preset

Skin tone lightroom preset is created by professional creators whose job is only to do experiments with lights and colors and create some awesome presets. This is a high quality premium preset. You can use this preset on both mobile & desktop and android & ios.

First look at this before and after. It’s awesome isn’t it?

Skin tone lightroom preset before and after
Before and after

You have complete freedom to download this preset for free of cost. You can easily re-edit this preset.

1st of all, Know. How can you download this preset for free of cost?

  • Scroll last of this page
  • You will see a section of DOWNLOAD PROCESS
  • In that section you will see preview of preset’s.
  • Below preview you will see an option of GO TO DOWNLOAD
  • Click on that
  • Then you will be redirected to next page
  • There you will see same preset’s preview.
  • Below that you will see an option of DOWNLOAD PRESET
  • Click on that
  • Boom download started
Table of Contents

    What is lightroom preset?

    Lightroom preset is a configuration of settings. It is designed to achieve a certain look or style of your picture. You install the lightroom preset into adobe lightroom application and then when you click on a particular preset the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply to that picture and your picture will look totally edited. your valuable time will also save by using lightroom preset.

    Lightroom preset is a set of some prefix settings. It contains raw information of a picture that is used for another picture.

    When millions of pixels collected together then they form an image. If you want to edit your image then you have to change some basic property (color) of their pixels. And when you change some basic property, that time lightroom preset collects that data and they will use it in another pictures.

    You can understand it as a filter. Yeah it’s a filter.

    • Types of lightroom preset

    Lightroom preset comes in two different files.

    1. DNG file (DNG preset)
    2. XMP file (XMP preset)

    1) DNG preset

    DNG preset is a type of lightroom preset which requires copy and paste action. Means you have to copy all settings of preset and paste it on your image.

    DNG file is a format of image which contains raw information. The basic difference between dng preset and xmp preset is, dng preset is an image formate and xmp preset is not.

    In dng preset you have to copy settings from an image and paste that on another image.

    • How to use DNG preset?

    Here’s the process of using dng file of lightroom preset.

    • Download dng file of lightroom preset
    • Share it in lightroom app
    • Open DNG preset (image) in lightroom app
    • At the right corner you will see three dot
    • Click there
    • Then there you’ll see copy setting option
    • Click there
    • Then click right button [ all settings now copied ]
    • Open your pic in lightroom app [ on which you wanna apply preset ]
    • Again at right corner you will see three dot click there
    • Now there you will see paste setting option
    • Click on paste setting
    • Boom preset applied successfully.

    2) XMP preset

    XMP preset don’t need any copy paste action. You can access this preset in lightroom preset section in lightroom. The main advantage of this preset over dng file is it takes less time for applying and it’s easy to use.

    • How to use XMP preset?

    Here’s the process of using xmp preset of lightroom preset.

    • Open lightroom app
    • Click on lightroom preset section
    • You will see lightroom preset folders
    • Click on any folder
    • You will see lightroom preset
    • Click on that
    • Boom preset applied successfully
    • Now click on right button and export

    But firstly you have to install/import xmp file then it will show in Lightroom app. Here’s the process of installing preset.

    • Open lightroom app
    • Click on lightroom preset section
    • Then click on three dot
    • Then click on import preset
    • Select xmp file
    • Click on select button
    • Boom preset imported successfully

    What will you get when you download this preset?

    Both DNG preset and XMP preset.

    • DNG preset
    • XMP preset

    Why should you choose this website for Lightroom presets?

    • Totally free [ you don’t have to pay anything ]
    • Premium lightroom presets
    • Provides both dng and xmp files in single click [ Others provide only dng file ]
    • Easy to download
    • Easily to use
    • You can use all lightroom presets in both mobile & desktop and ios & android application.
    • Professionals create Lightroom preset
    • Premium result
    • Good feedback (customers satisfied)

    Type of picture you need for better result

    No matter you have mobile phone or photography camera. When you click picture make sure your captured picture should be in good condition mean that should not be out of focus, blurred, over or under expose.

    • Good pictures

    System requirement for lightroom preset

    Wanna use this preset for commercial?

    If you are interested in our presets it will be a good news for me. If you want to use our presets for commercial or promotional reasons (such as youtube videos, blogs etc.). Please give credit to its original creator. Don’t be deceived, they’re working hard for these presets. You can simply place a preset link in your video description, blog or anywhere else.

    If you still use our presets without giving credit to their respective owner and you get any copyright strike from us. Please contact us. Our team will assist you and within an hour your strike will be removed.


    If you want to download this preset see next section. By the way there are many websites which provides quality presets. One of them is LIGHTROOM PRESET SITE. You can check it.


    Skin tone lightroom preset before and after
    Before and after
    Skin tone lightroom preset

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