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KRC PICTURES presets free download

KRC PICTURES is a indian YouTube channel whose owner is KRC. KRC is a youtuber, blogger, coder, student and preset creator. He has created so many lightroom presets wich his audience like most. We are gonna see how you can download KRC PICTURES presets free.

Hey buddy, how are you going? Hope you and your loved one are well. Today we are gonna see how you can download KRC PICTURES lightroom presets.

There are so many lightroom presets over this world. Some of them are really awesome and some of them are not. You can have many lightroom presets but having some premium presets that always works is another thing.

Today I will not only tell how you can have some really really awesome presets but I will tell how you can download those limitless premium presets free of cost.


As I said earlier KRC PICTURES is an invention of KRC. KRC is an indian boy which created KRC PICTURES YouTube channel in 2020. He is photo and video editor, youtuber, blogger, coder and preset creator. He has a Website named where he posts all his editing material and presets.


KRC PICTURES Presets are totally free. You can download all presets of KRC PICTURES with a single click. Some of presets are below. You can download all presets by visiting their website.

Why should you choose for lightroom presets?

There are plenty of websites over this internet. Some of them are free but most of them provides paid presets. Some of them provides really awesome presets and some of them provides not so bad presets.

But if you are choosing website for lightroom presets then you are going to benifited more. provides awesome presets with no cost mean you will get all his presets free of cost.

There are many website which provides only dng presets including this website too. There are few websites which provides dng and xmp both presets. Maximum of them are paid website mean if you want to download both dng and xmp presets then you have to pay.

But always provides both dng and xmp presets.

If I conclude his presets you will get.

  • Premium presets
  • Dng and xmp both presets
  • Totally free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • Compatable with all skin
  • Video tutorial

If you are still confusing, why should you choose then I wanna just say it’s my fevorite website for lightroom presets.

How to download KRC PICTURES presets?

If you want to download KRC PICTURES presets. Go to KRC PICTURES Presets and you will get each and every presets tutorial for download.

But I want to tell basic of downloading process of presets.

Firstly go to :

Choose which preset you want to download

Click on your choosen preset. That preset’s post will be open.

Scroll that post to the last.

At last of the post you will see a download button.

Click on that button and new page will be open.

On this page will again see a download button at the last of page.

Again click on that download button.

Now you will see a pop up with a countdown time.

Wait for end of that countdown timer.

After end of timer you will see a download file button. Click on that

Preset will start automatically.

Still didn’t get. Visit you will get video tutorial there.

Some of my fevorite KRC PICTURES Presets

There are many presets on but some of my fevorite presets are below.

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