Top 5 lightroom presets free download

Hey buddy what is up. Hope everything is fine. Today we are gonna talk about top 5 lightroom presets free download. How can you download top 5 lightroom presets free of cost.

There are plenty of websites over this internet finding best website which provides quality websites free of cost is not easy job. I am still wondering how did you get this website. Anyways I will not only tell how you can download presets but I will tell how you can apply those presets for better result.

Actually there is a secret most people don’t know. I will tell about that one tool which can give you better result. Preset is another tool but I am talking about one secret tool. Everyone knows about that but there are few people who actually use that tool when they apply lightroom presets to their picture.

Firstly we are gonna see about top 5 lightroom presets free download.

Top 5 lightroom presets free download

There are plenty of websites over internet which provides outstanding presets. Finding top presets is a difficult task. Don’t worry I have fond my top 5 lightroom presets that are freely available on internet and that are applicable on every type of pictures.

No matter what is your background color, skin color, dress color or what is the condition of lights. That presets will work beautifully on your pictures.

Top 5 dng lightroom presets

You will get all presets in dng formate. But if you want to download top presets in both formate xmp and dng then I will tell you. How can you download presets in both formate?

Download top presets in dng and xmp both formate

If you still want to download presets in xmp and dng both formate then you can visit this lightroom preset‘s website. There you will get presets in dng and xmp both formate also all presets are completely free. You don’t need any credit card or subscribe anything or sign up somewhere.

List of My Top 5 Presets

Here is the list of my top 5 presets that I like most. All presets is tested over many pictures after than these presets uploaded on internet.

1) Black and orange preset

This preset is definitely deserving in top presets. Because it’s result is amazing. You will fall for this preset after watching it’s result. I will definitely recommend this preset. Go and watch result then deside whether you should download preset or not.

black and orange preset7682498192557593129 5

2) Black and white preset

May be you don’t agree with me but this preset is also one of the best preset. If you pic has not good color you can turn them into black and white. Believe or not people like black and white photos nowadays most. If you wanna turn your dull picture into black and white you can download this preset.

black and white lightroom presets

3) Photo editing preset

If you want to edit your photos then download this preset. This also one of my fevorite lightroom preset. I love this color tone if you also do then try atleast one time.

Photo editing presets

4) Dirty boots and messy hair preset

If you already know about dirty boots and messy hair then you have idea how their presets are popular. If you don’t know about it. I want say he has millions of followers and paid audience which has purchased their presets. If you wanna see preset’s result DOWNLOAD it.

dirty boots preset4642254085708793929 5

5) Aqua lightroom preset

If you want to give your pictures an aqua tone then try this preset now. Because this is one of the best aqua lightroom preset. However I love this preset.

Aqua lightroom preset 5


You can download my top 5 lightroom preset free of cost. I have shared my top 5 presets. Go and download presets then come back and tell how much you liked presets. Also which is your favorite preset.


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