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There are many websites over internet which allow user to download presets. All of them are not equal, some of them are beyond average, some below average and some websites are average. Finding best website to download presets is a difficult task.

Today I am gonna tell you, best website that offers presets free of cost and they really provide best out of best content.

Also I will tell how you can download lightroom presets free of cost.

What are presets actually?

Mm preset is nothing but some collection of settings which can be applicable on another pictures, videos or musics.

You can create presets by yourself too if you have greate knowledge of that particular subject. If you want to know more how you can create presets by yourself, Watch this YouTube video.

Are presets actually bad? (Should you use presets? )

No presets are not bad. It actually save a lot of time, if you use presets you feel confident toward your work because you do not have to do same task again and again. You should use presets if no matter you are a beginner or expert. It always help you to learn more.

But do not forget presets are someone else’s creation not yours so if you want to achieve great knowledge in a particular field then use presets as a starting point. You can learn so many things through presets.

What are lightroom presets anyway?

Mm if we will talk about lightroom presets. It is nothing but preset of lightroom. There are many tools and setting available on lightroom. Whenever we edit in lightroom we choose play with tools and settings that are available on lightroom. So lightroom presets contain information which tool or setting how much we increased or decreased or which setting we turned on or off.

If you are a lightroom user and want to download lightroom presets then read this.

Download presets

If you want to download presets. Choose preset you want to download. Click on that preset. New page will open there you will see download button. Click on that button preset will start downloading automatically.

You will get all steps there as well.

1) Moody preset

Moody preset lightroom

2) Black and white preset

Picsart 22 11 09 09 30 35 437 5

3) Wedding preset

Picsart 22 11 08 16 01 46 480 6

4) Photo editing preset

photo editing preset before and after 5

5) Black and orange preset

black and orange preset7360211976679411390 5

6) Dirty boots and messy hair preset

dirty boots preset4642254085708793929 5

7) Blue tone lightroom preset

Blue tone lightroom preset 5

8) Autumn lightroom preset

autumn lightroom preset doenload7064514932398218031 5

9) Dark and moody preset

dark and moody preset download1520625119161115562 5

10) Aqua lightroom preset

Aqua lightroom preset 5


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