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Lightroomnpresets are noting but lightroom presets. Lightroom presets are collection of some settings and tools which is used in editing. There are so many talented photographers over this word. When these photographers edit their picture in bring their masterpiece to this world. They save their editing process’s settings as presets.

Today you are gonna see some of that masterpiece’s settings ya mean presets. You will not only see their secret but you can download too. I will tell you how you can download lightroom presets?

What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are nothing but collection of some specific settings that is applicable of another picture to create masterpiece. You can apply lightroom presets on your picture and make them amazing with in a minute.

If you don’t have any skill of photography or editography, you are beginner in lightroom and don’t want to learn these stupid and hard skill, still you can use lightroomnpresets on your picture and get professional result.

Lightroom presets saves times and it boost your self confidence. When you apply those professional presets and make your picture standing to this word and your friends and clients give compliments. Your self confidence will automatically boost up.

It saves your time. If you are busy in your work and don’t have time to edit your picture and wanna some hacks then definately lightroom presets can be best choice for you.

Download some free lightroomnpresets and apply on your picture and get amazed with result.

Types of presets

There are two type of presets

1) DNG preset

2) XMP preset

Download lightroom presets

If you want to download lightroomnpresets. There are many choices on this internet you can go any other plateform and get some presets that can be your best tool for editing your picture. But if you choose these presets I am providing these will definitely help you and give you best result.

These presets are completely free and compatable with all lightroom version. Simply download these presets by going indivisual.

I hope you will like our efforts as we like to give our best.

How to download presets

Simply choose presets that you like. Click on that choosed presets and open their particular page and their you will see download button.

Click on download button and then you we see a pop up with countdown timer. Wait for end of countdown. Then you will again see download button click on that and preset will start downloading automatically.


1) Black and white lightroom preset

Black and white color tone is now trending on social media. People like black and white Lightroom presets too. Because if there is not any specific color in your pictures you can use black and white tone lightroomnpresets.

black and white lightroom presets
black and white lightroom presets

2) Wedding lightroom presets

Wedding lightroom presets are common nowadays and people like it. If you are looking for wedding lightroom presets then this will be best preset for you.

Wedding presets lightroom

3) Blue lightroom preset

If you want to give your picture blue color tone then this preset can be your best tool. Simply download this preset and use it in your picture.

Blue tone lightroom preset 5

4) Photo editing lightroom presets

If you are looking for photo editing lightroom presets then this can be best for you. Try it on your picture.

Photo editing presets

5) Black and orange preset

If you are a black lover and wanna some cool photo editing then this preset can be best for you. It is popular preset for black lover because black is fevorite color and orange is skin color.

black and orange preset7360211976679411390 5

6) Teal and orange preset

If you like teal color then there is high a chance you will like this preset. Color there are many people whose fevorite is this one “teal and orange preset”. So if you are intrested in this lightroomnpresets then download it.

lightroomnpresets teal and orange preset

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